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GSM Transmitters

GSM Infinty Transmitters

Confidential Communications offer you the best sound quality and also Voice activated GSM transmitters as infinity transmitters for professional use..

We offer you the high digital sound quality free noise reduction circuit, quad band GSM which you can use at home, and office or even inside the car for professional protecting security monitoring activates.

Infinity devices can activate microphone for voice or data remotely.
Please look at all our samples GSM infinity devices and choose the one is suit you.

Please Note we manufacture European and American style electrical plug and extension gang with Built in GSM transmitter.

Mini GSM Listening Device
This is very small spy GSM listening device which you can hide it in target room, office or car and by dialling to the SIM card number in the unit you can hear what is going on from any where in the word by your mobile phone.Powerful transmitter with amazing sound quality. Battery last 2 days and rechargable.

 Price :  £120.00                     mini GSM Listening device

Plug  GSM Transmitter
GSM-4 Plug Adaptor listening device
mains plug adaptor with disguised GSM Quad band infinity transmitter.
The GSM Quad transmitter enables you to listen from any where in the world by using your mobile phone for listening.
SIM card can replace very easily if need to be changed. The GSM quad band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and digital sound quality make the Infinity bugging/listening device an important tool for listening with high quality.
  Price :  £180.00                GSM Plug adaptor

Extension gang GSM transmitter
GSM-6 GSM Infinity in Extension Lead
 Fully functional extension Lead with built in GSM infinity transmitter. This extension gang works as normal and you can activate it by SIM card number from your mobile phone from any where in the world.
  Price :  £180.00                  GSM extension Lead

GSM-6 EU   European Extension Lead                          GSM infinity Decice
This is European extension lead which has very powerful GSM infinity device and enable you from any where in the world listen by simply dial a SIM card number like dialling a mobile phone.

This GSM listening device need no battery as it works with electricity and as far as plugged in to the electric socket the listening device works.
The plug works as normal and also the new version equipped with Vice activated circuit. You can set the voice activation ON or OFF by sending special text message to the unit.

Price :  £180.00                  GSM extension Lead

GSM-8   Wall Socket GSM
This fully working wall mains socket has GSM infinity device which enable you to Dial a SIM card number from any where around the world and clearly here of conversation going on in the room or officefor security reason.. The New version equipped with Voice actvation circuit which can be set ON/OFF by simple text messages                   
Price :  £180.00                    wall socket listening device

GSM-10  In Car Monitoring 
      Would you like monitor in the car ? from any where in the world?
This is a powerful GSM infinity monitoring device that works with car battery. Connect it to the car battery and listen. It comes with 1 meter length microphone which you can hide in the car where suitable. No need to worry about the battery life. The GSM listening device works for you all the times even when the car engine is off. This Car Bug also works as a Voice activated which is as soon as the there is a voice, the car bug will notify you by ringing your phone .                               
 Price :  £180.00                        Car bug

Do you want to listen what is going on in the car remotely?

GSM-10M is Seven days Car bug with magnet and Voice Activated.
This in Car Listening device comes with small but powerful magnet which you could stick it under the Car seat.
Inside the Box there are powerful battery which last at standby for whole week and you can dial and listen from anywhere in the world.
The GSM Car Bug can be activated remotely by simple SMS as a voice activated which let you know when there is voice inside the car.
Car Bug is ideal device for you if you want to know what is going on inside the car, you can listen from anywhere in the world by your mobile phone.
Price :  £180.00                   Car bug with battery

GSM-12  Calculator GSM Listening
                 Device Voice activated
     Fully functional Desk top calculator has GSM listening device with 40 hours operation. Battery charged with USB. This fully functional calculator can be left in office without any suspicious and you will know what is going on when you are away.New version has voice activated circuit which you remotely can set ON/OFF by simple text message.
  Price :  £180.00                    Calculator GSM

USB Mouse GSM Transmitter
Computer Mouse GSM Listening Device:
Fully functional USB computer mouse has built in GSM voice transmitter. This transmitter has rechargable battery which will charge during mouse function and will work for 24 hours when computer is switched off.                      
  Price :  £180.00                 GSM USB mouse

GSM Key fob listening device

GSM-15          Key fob Listening                          Device  Voice Activated   
This is powerful Key fob Listening device with Voice activated which you can simply switch remoetly on and off by sending SMS from your mobile phone.
Key fob Listening device has 3 days stand by battery and 8 hours listening time.

Price :  £150.00                Key fob Listening device

GSM-14  Fully working Mobile Phone                  Charger GSM Listening Device.
This fully functional mobile phone charger has built in GSM listening device. We have all mobile charger including   Nokia and iPhone charger.
The new version is voice activated which you can set it ON/OFF remotely by simple text message.                                          
   Price::£190.00                      Mobile phone charger listening device

GSM-12      GSM ashtray
This is an ordinary ashtray which has built in very powerful GSM listening device. Ideal for monitoring room conversations without being there.
You could be in different country and monitoring room or office miles away from you.
Price:   £180.00              

GSM telephone transmitter

GSM-18 GSM Telephone Transmitter
This Amazing magic box can be connected to any telephone socket at home or small office. The GSM telephone transmitter works with mains or rechargeable battery. Pre define the number you want to receive all the phone conversations remotely. As soon as the telephone line engaged to call or receive the call the GSM telephone transmitter will contact the pre define number and you are able to listen clearly both way conversations.          

Price: £299.00                       GSM telephone transmitter

recording software
Listen & Record
….. Did you ever wish you could record a conversation you had on your mobile? Do you want to record what you’re listening into from your mobile phone?

We supply this unique software for your mobile phone. Record 99 Hours per Gb .

Contact us for compatible handsets (phones).

Price: £99.00                      Listen and record


Short Range UHF Listening Device

micro UHF transmitter
UHF 3 channels receiver
We supply short rang micro UHF listening Devices

See the full rang of our UHF miniature listening device.


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